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Even More ALC Markings

ALC24ST — ca. 1935.  Alcoa Aluminum advertisement, Aviation, May 1935, pg. 9. (Image also reproduced in Aero Digest article below.)  Link:

ALC24ST — ca. 1936.  Douglas fuselage frame in “Development of Aluminum for Aircraft,” C.F. Nagel, Jr., Aluminum Company of America, Aero Digest, Feb. 1936, pg. 27.  Link:

ALC 24ST — ca. 1936.  “Spot Welding vs. Riveting,” Aviation, Oct. 1936, pg. 29.  Link:

ALC24ST — ca. 1937.  “Thrills of the Navy Test Pilots,” Popular Mechanics, Aug. 1937, pg. 227.  Link:

ALC24ST — ca. 1937.  Alcoa Aluminum advertisement, Aviation, Nov. 1937, pg. 9.  Link:

ALC24ST — ca. 1938.  Rear cover, Curtiss Fly Leaf, December 1938.  Link:

ALC24ST — ca. 1939.  “Slots Are Here to Stay,” Kurt Rand, Popular Aviation, Oct. 1939.  Link:

ALC24ST — ca. 1940.  “Are You Qualified?”, Hurd Barrett, Flying Magazine, Oct. 1940. pg. 32.  Link:

ALC24SRT — ca. 1940.  “Assembling of a DC-3 / C-47 aircraft, ca.1940,” California Historical Society Collection.  Link:

ALC24ST — ca. 1940.  “A man working on fuselage in the factory,”  George Strock/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images.  Link: (Another source:

ALC24SO — ca. 1940. “29th March 1940: At the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation at Burbank, California, large numbers of high-speed twin-engined planes, part of a previous British order, are being produced,” Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images. Link:

ALC24SO — ca. 1940. HPM Fastraverse Presses advertisement, Aviation, June 1940, pg. 67. Link:

ALC24ST — ca. 1941.  “Curtis Wright,” Dmitri Kessel, April 1941.  Link:

ALC24ST — ca. 1941.  Multiple photographs, “Glenn Martin Plane Factory,” George Strock, January 1941. Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 

ALC24ST — ca. 1941.  “B-17E Flying Fortress Camera Pit Below Radio Compartment.”  Link: and

ALC24ST — ca. 1942.  Although other aluminum markings were introduced in the early 1940s, the leading edge of this wing still shows faded “ALC24ST” markings.  Link:

ALC24ST — unknown [DC-3].  Handbook of Instructions for the Transport Model DC3-277B for American Airlines, Inc., Douglas Aircraft Company, Inc., pgs. 11, 34, 64, 89, 106A, 145.  Link:

ALC24ST — unknown [P-36].  P-40 Warhawk in Detail, Part 1: Y1P-36 through P-40C, Bert Kinzey, pg. 26.